Friday, October 26, 2012

Trip To The Amazing Shivanasamudram Waterfalls ( Barachukki, Gaganachukki, Bluff )

Amazing Barachukki Falls

Shivanasamudram is a waterfall on the river Kaveri located about 140 km from Bangalore. It is one of the best Waterfalls around Bangalore. There are two ways of reaching Shivanasamudram from Bangalore. You can either take Highway 209 or Mysore road. While Highway 209 is a shorter route, the road is pretty bad. The recent work for Metro has completely ruined the road and beyond that the road is narrower than Mysore road.

View Barachukki Route in a larger map

When to go to Shivanasamudram

The best time to go to Shivanasamudram is within the first few months of rainy season(July-Aug). If the monsoon hasn't been very good then any time is good for Shivanasamudram. Going after a good monsoon season will mean the waterfall will be at its best but then you won't be able to actually go near the water.

Barachukki & Gaganachukki

There are two falls in Shivanasamudram , Barachukki and Gaganachukki . These are separated by about 20 km.

Barachukki also known as Bluff is where you can actually enter the waterfall, play in the water. Gaganachukki is a majestic waterfall that should only be admired from far.

Which makes Gaganachukki the destination during the peak of monsoon.

The road to Shivanasamudram is quite scenic. And the fresh country air is what one needs after suffering the horrible pollution of Bangalore.

Road to Shivanasamudram

On the way to Barachukki

Development in Shivanasamudram

A year back when I had been to Shivanasamudram there was hardly any facility there. It was quite a neglected tourist spot. But it has come a long way since then. There are proper stairs and changing rooms. Which is especially good for Ladies.

Development work in Barachukki

Development work in Shivanasamudram

Shivanasamudram Waterfalls

If you are in Bangalore and need a one day trip then this is one of the best places to visit. But make sure you have a heavy breakfast and pack some food for lunch as you will not get any decent food near the falls or even on the way. 

Bluff Waterfalls

While you are here you can also visit Talakadu the only beach Bangalore has. Start as early as possible from Bangalore if you want to cover Gaganachukki, Barachukki and Talakadu.


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