Wednesday, March 7, 2012

State of Fear

State of Fear Book Review

State of Fear is a novel by Michael Crichton is actually an environmental thriller. The world is in danger this time from Radical Environmentalists. The book keeps swaying between interesting and boring. It gets even worse as its considerably bigger than the usual Michael Crichton books. There isn't really much of an adventure that is really worth it. Does a few incidents of
 gory incidents though.

The first half of the novel pretty much is a drag as it revolves around the the various pieces of the puzzle that Michael has tried to create here. It fails to generate much of an interest though. The veil of secrecy of what is actually going on also doesn't fall till almost half the book is done. This makes it pretty hard to comprehend the magnitude of the adversity.

There are 2 major women Characters in the book and both of them have been portrayed as stronger(or better) in some way or other than our hero of the book. But Michael spoils it by displaying the vulnerable male ego of our hero.

The environmental details and technical stuffs seemed way too exaggerated but were still believable than most other books. The bigger problem with them was that it was plain boring.

There is just one event in the whole novel that seemed to be exciting and that was the incident involving the lightning, though the survival of the characters of such events is something i did take with a pinch of salt.

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