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Mockingjay By Suzanne Collins - End Of The Bloody Games

Mockingjay Book Review Report


Mockingjay - Book Report And Review
End Of The Bloody Games
Rating: 3
Reviewed by Sougata Khan on .

Book Report

This is the last book in this series and is a direct conflict between Katniss and Snow, rather than indirect ones via hunger games. This time its a war. What the capitol does to peeta is beyond any imagination. The actual fighting in the capitol is filled with twists and surprises at every moment. This book is quite an ending to an amazing series.

This is the last book in The Hunger Games Series. The first book was The Hunger Games and the second book was Catching Fire.

Book Review - Spoiler Alert!!!

The destruction of District 12 is rather quick. Capitol certainly is scared now. The story of district 13 is pretty awesome too. To have survived for so long, living underground and organised a rebellion is some achievement.

The state of mind of Katniss is in tatters now, she is obviously too young to be going through this kind of trauma. Peeta’s appearance and call for cease fire is obviously forced out by the capitol. Finally Katniss decides that she has to be the Mockingjay, the one hope of the people.

I KILL SNOW has a rather menacing yet captivating effect on the reader.

The behaviour of the top brass of district 13 seems rather suspicious. I would have expected a rather more friendly attitude from them towards their allies. It is surprising to see the reaction Katniss evokes in the injured people of District 8. The power of a mere symbol is clear from this . symbols can mobilize the masses.The bombing of the hospital in district 8 is rather cruel but its quite interesting to note that katniss has got arrows that can take down planes.

Peeta and Katniss are in a rather puzzling situation now. While snow wouldn’t kill him because he is her weakness. Katniss knows how Snow is using Peeta and has to do something about it nevertheless. Peeta’s rescue and then the attack on katniss was rather surprising turn of events. It of course seems like the perfect plan from the capital. One of the best trojan horse tactics. President Coin’s intentions are rather confusing. It seems like Coin wouldn’t be much different from snow.

The attack on the capital seems to be a close shave. It was indeed sad to see Finnick die. His love story was heartwrenching. The idea that Coin has betrayed everyone to this extent is rather a huge shock. Coin getting killed by katniss is rather a just turn of events.

So finally its Peeta and Katniss, I somehow felt it would be Gale.

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