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Catching Fire By Suzanne Collins - Survivor To A Fighter

Catching Fire Suzanne Collins Book Review Report


Catching Fire - Book Review And Book Report
Survivor To A Fighter
Rating: 3.5
Reviewed by Sougata Khan on .

Catching Fire By Suzanne Collins - Second Part of The Hunger Games. The next book is Mockingjay.

Book Report

This book is the second Book of the Hunger Games series. The role of the President had been quite in the background in the first book. In this book however the president is shown up and close.

The second book in the series puts Katniss in yet again a do or die scenario. This time it is worse and in a way looks like a murder plot against her.

The life of the Capitol is shown in much more detail in this book and Katniss’ feelings of hatred and disgust are explored in a deep manner.

Much Like the previous book there are plenty of twists and turns that will keep the reader glued till the end.

Haymitch - He had proved to be more than just a drunkard in the last book, and was always in the centre of everything continues to play an important part in the movie and proves himself again and again.

Cinna - He was till now a very good friend and pretty much a huge reason for katniss’s success has a rather more important part in this book.

Finnick - He is introduced as a rather flimsy and comical character but turns out to be more than that in the end of the book.

Book Review - Spoiler Alert!!!

just when everything seems to be slowly getting normal and kind of better, the sudden visit of the president shows otherwise and the story takes an altogether new turn. now its not about survival it's an uprising.

Gale and Katniss’ kiss is rather interesting and what is surprising is that the president knows about it. now Katniss has to do something she isn't very good at, acting being in love.

The quarter quell seems to be an interesting twist now. It just occurs to me that Haymitch's victory hasn't been discussed in the first book at all.

When Katniss tells Haymitch about president Snows visit, the situation Katniss is in become more clear. She has to eventually marry Peeta. That’s the only way her life will be if she wants to be alive and if she wants others to stay alive. Her entire life must be an act. I feel she would rather prefer dying, but that won’t happen too.

The speech at district 11 took a rather interesting turn at the end and things seem to be getting rebellious.

The vomiting syrup was exceptional! I have heard about something like this being done by the Romans. But somehow the modern world doesn't find this civilized enough. The uprising in district 8 and the situation worsening in district 12 all seem to be escalating the situation rather rapidly for the capitol. Madge seems to have brought out another love triangle in the story. and I thought it couldn't get any more complicated than this.

The transformation of Katniss from a survivor to a rebel as it happens in her head is quite fascinating to read.The sudden revelation of District 13 is rather surprising and brings new hope for Katniss. The unbelievable turn of events of the quarter quell seem rather obvious because this is probably the best way to kill Katniss without any repercussions.

Caesar always get the most dramatic moments on stage. Pregnant! that was the ultimate of twists possible. The emotions of the Capitol are already wreaked. and this is probably the biggest hit possible

The watery arena is an interesting turn, everything seems to be done to ensure Katniss doesn't survive. This time the dangers in the game are not just physical but mental as well. This place has been designed for all kinds of torture. Finnicks love story is rather humbling and truly heart wrenching. The absolute anarchy that mars the story when the arena is blown away is fascinating. The simple plan of rebels that is hidden from us makes everything so clear. It was a rather unexpected situation that Peeta was captured as It certainly seemed like the entire thing was being done to protect him

The book certainly ends in a cliffhanger and makes you scream and run for getting the next book!


At some point, you have to stop running and turn around and face whoever wants you dead. The hard thing is finding the courage to do it. 

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