Thursday, November 10, 2011

Long hands of the law

Tempo Traveler Bangalore

It was just another routine and uneventful day . I was returning home in the preferred transport of the IT industry - office cab, enjoying the boredom with half sleepy eyes, when something happened. It took a few seconds to register in my sleepy brain.

The Cab Driver had jumped a signal right here -

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By now I am very used to cab drivers jumping signals. Naturally my brain was planning to hit snooze, but then I saw a traffic police waiting in the middle of the road and gesturing the cab to pull over in the left.

This gave me a chill, because it meant we'll be losing precious time in the monstrous sea that Bangalore's traffic is. However our law abiding cab driver very sincerely took the left lane and hit the gas pedal. I was left wondering what the traffic police would be doing. I was happy that we'll reach in time, but god had other plans.

We had just reached the next signal, which was considerably far, when I heard a loud shout - oooooyyyyyyy

Then I saw a man with the very popular male-hair-loss-pattern-baldness shouting. He was sitting in the back seat of a scooty, and the scooty was being driven by a thin guy who probably weighted less than half of the scooty. This guy who very comically was waving his hand and shouting was none other than the traffic police we thought we evaded.

As the cab driver realized it, he blurted the English language vowels in south Indian style - aaaaeeeeiiiiooooou

So the cab driver pulls over and gets down anticipating a negotiation. But the traffic police was in a mood to give us more surprises. He enters the cab and asks the cab driver to drive. We all , including the cab driver , were perplexed . Turns out he wanted a lift back to where he was standing. Certainly the scooty driver wasn't his favorite.

Then began our journey back to the scene of the crime. The cab driver paid 200.

Finally we found ourselves waiting in the same signal 20 minutes later that we had jumped to save 2 minutes.

Needless to say we reached home late than usual. However we all can learn a good lesson from this

Don't underestimate the Indian Traffic Police, they may not have SUV's to engage in pursuit, but they have the worlds best speed breakers - Bangalore Traffic.

Special thanks to Madhuraaai for proofreading. I know it was a herculean task.


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