Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just Books clc

Someone once said libraries are the custodians of civilization. And we now have some high tech custodians in India.

Just Books clc is a new breed of modern libraries that offers a wide collection of books in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Mysore and Pune

While they have more than 20 stores in Bangalore alone, I have been to about 4 of them . There are few things about Just Books that impressed me and continue impressing me.
  • The Pricing
  • Availability of Books
  • Technology
The Pricing

The membership plans are well suited for both voracious and occasional readers. They are actually very economical for the kind of Technology and service Just Books provides.

Availability of Books

There are a lot of books in every store I have been to . And they add new books very easily if a request is placed.


What makess Just Books different from traditional libraries is the amazing and rather impressive use of technology

The books have Rfid's and every store has a touch screen kiosk which can read the membership card and Rfid's on the books for a very easy issuing and returning of books. The kiosk also allows us to search for books. 

The website can be used for paying for the renewal of membership plans, searching for books etc.

There is another service that needs a special mention. If a book is not available in the store nearest to you but available in some other store, you can place an order to have the book transferred to your nearest store. And the book is reserved for you for a week!! And all this for no extra charge.

There are also membership plans where the books are delivered to your doorsteps.

Just Books simply makes reading a pleasure. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Terra Nova

TV Series have always been my favourite and when Dinosaurs and Steven Spielberg are added to it, then that takes it to a new level.

Terra Nova is a TV Series revolving around the Shannon family. The Year is 2149 and the world is overpopulated and over polluted, and in the nick of time scientists discover a break in the space time continuum, that is a one way gate to the dinosaur age(with a twist) . And that marks the beginning of a second chance.

In my view the Idea is good but there haven't been enough dinosaurs yet. We need more action stevy. The Mushy romance of the family is not enough.

Lets hope this gets better.

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